We help companies to plan, design and implement technology enabled business transformation

We work with business leaders to define the strategic objectives of your change. We develop an architecture and design solutions that meet these objectives. This is decomposed into technology initiatives to form a program of work.

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Our services are designed to drive success

Strategy and Business Improvement

We help you know how you are going to create value for your stakeholders and how you are going to get there.

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Enterprise and Technology Architecture

We help you come up with the right design and make the right decisions about your enterprise across all architecture views including business, information, technology, and infrastructure

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Project and
Program Management

Once you have come up with the right things to do, it is time to do those things right. Get assets delivered, into production and delivering benefits to the organisation and it stakeholders.

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Software acquisition and divestment advice

Family office, Venture Capitalist or private buyer looking for additional insights on a technology acquition, we can help you cut through the noise and uncover the risk and opportunities in your potential purchase or divestment.

Exeperience a smarter way to close deals.

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About Us

We have been doing technology enabled business change for over 25 years in one form or another. We have successfully built and run a number of professional services firms and software product businesses.

Covate is our latest incarnation and expression of our learnings over the past 25 years where we have cherry picked the best of what we have done and rolled it into Covate.

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behind Covate

Tony Winmill (Principle Consultant)

"Productive organisations are built entirely from happy, motivated and capable teams of people. I help companies and government design, build and run complex IT systems through enterprise architecture and people lead delivery"


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